Bridal Makeup for Barat & Valima by Ather Shahzad

Ather Shahzad is a pakistani brilliant makeup artistes and fashion photographer started worked in 2012. Pakistanis marriages are full of traditions and customs. Pakistani Bridal Fashion (Bride Fashion) Makeup is amazingly often an overlooked item when planning brides dream marriage. Brides always focal point on planning their outfits, jewellery, hair style and mehndi design but do not realize that, to look amazingly dazzling on their wedding day they really need to have good makeup applied by a professional. Bridal make up by its very nature is a unique requirement and brides make up management for the big day needs careful thought and consideration.

Ather Shahzad has been trained by the best Makeup Artists in the industry and is very fanatical about the Makeup & Makeover as well as the Salon services he provides. Here we are going to share his very pretty and stunning Bridal Valima Engagement & mehndi day makeover shoot in this collection by Ather Shahzad salon services that will help you for your wedding appointment of beauty salon. From your Mehndi, to Shaadi and then Valima, choose Shahzad Salon to give you a unique and beautiful look each day.

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