Cameron Diaz Style 2012

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Cameron Diaz Style 2012: Stunning model and actress Cameron Diaz coming out of the Four Seasons Hotel and heads to the Versace Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2012 in Paris, France.Cameron Diaz always do some new experiments with her casual outfits looks and styles, Cameron Diaz doesn’t shy away from spectacular her femininity as she is the master in pairing chic pieces together for more formal occasions…

Cameron’s personality is so cheerful and it’s always a delight to look at her movies. She has a sporty body and always knows which pieces ensemble her body.

You can’t pin down her style as she describe her own style. So while her style is usually casual it can also be quirky and free-spirited, also exciting.
Cameron isn’t about trying to look sexy or overdone, there’s a naturally playful sense to her and her look.

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