Rihanna and Chris Brown 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown 2012: After a sequence of “love tweets,” rumors is twisting that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together again in 2012 and they are again building their love relationship after it notoriously ended in 2009. Chris tweeted one day on twitter “Love U more than u knows!” In almost no time flat (two minutes to be exact), Rihanna tweeted back in reply, “I’ll always love you #1love.

Chris Brown sense that Rihanna is the LOVE OF HIS LIFE and he wants nothing more than to get back with her, But since the ‘incident’ Chris felt that he shattered all chances of a relationship with his SOUL MATE. And he stayed away from her, at her demand…..

Rihanna and Chris are not only regularly speaking via text message, phone, email and instant message, sources say, but now the two are planning to actually see each other sometime next week in Los Angeles to talk about the hope of their relationship.

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